Severing list

Severing list

This list is subject to change and availability

Big island beef dry aged 22 to 30 days

Ribeye steaks $18.75/lb

New York steaks $18.99/lb

Filet mignon $27.99/lb

Porter house and T-bone steaks $15.99/lb

Tri-tip $8.99/lb

Hanger steaks $12.99/lb

Skirt steaks $7.50/lb

Flank steaks $7.99/lb

Sirloin steaks and roasts $12.99/lb

Bone in short ribs $7.50/lb

Bone-in brisket $7.50/lb

Chuck roll $7.50/lb

Ground steak $9.29/lb


Certified angus beef

Ribeye $19.99

New York $15.99


Prime beef

Prime tomahawk ribeye $39.99/lb

Wagyu ribeye $112.00/lb

Wagyu short ribs $75.99/lb


Grass-fed beef dry aged 50+days

short loins $38.99/lb

tomahawks $33.99/lb

new York’s $38.99/lb

107 ribeye $38.99/lb





Big island pork

whole hog various cuts

(cutting classes on the first Monday of every month)


Duroc heritage breed

dry aged chops $17.99/lb

shoulders “butts” $8.99/lb

ground pork $8.99/lb

Applewood bacon $10.99/lb

Peppered bacon $13.99/lb

Honey Slab bacon $13.99/lb

Ni’ihau lamb

Frenched racks $21.99/lb

Shoulders $14.50/lb

Shanks $10.99/lb

Bone-in legs $10.99/lb

Boneless legs $14.50/lb


Big island lamb

Whole lamb various cuts

(cutting classes on the first Monday of every month)

Maui venison

Loins “back straps” $35.99/lb

Tenderloins $37.99/lb

Ground $14.99/lb


Big island poultry

Red boilers whole $8.00/lb

Cornish rock hens $8.00/lb

Farm fresh eggs $9.00/dz

Chicken breasts $12.99/lb

Chicken thighs, drums, wings $9.50/lb



Muscovy duck breast $28.59/lb

Duck confit $21.12/lb

Foie gras 82.50/lb

Duck fat $30.00/lb



Ono $18.99/lb

Mahimahi $18.99/lb

New zealand salmon $22.99/lb



Imported seafood

Scallops $36.99/lb


imported and house made charcuterie

pate $43.99/lb

rillet $12.99/jar

italian sausage $12.99/lb

bratwurst $13.99/lb

lots of other sausage in rotation, changes daily.


Jamon ibirico


All the bone broths

Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, master, ramen, shrimp, turkey and ham


This list is a abrivated list of products if you are looking for something specific just ask 😊