Cutting Classes and Dinners

Several Times a month Kona Butcher shop engages the community in classes and workshops. Cooking and Cutting Classes are our favorites! We take an entire local pig, sheep, lamb or goat and break it down into Primal and market cuts for the class. Light pupus are served showcasing the animal being severed using different styles of cooking and preparation of the cuts.

After the event a question and answer period is held and the attendees get to leave with fresh meat, cut right in front of them. It’s a really fun night, a way to network and make new friends, and a bargain for local meat.

Classes can hold up to 10 people and start at $75 per person.

We have a pig cutting class the first Monday of every month.

Call 808-796-6636 now to sign up

Did you know you can book the butchers to cater your next gourmet tasting menu party?

All the Butchers are ex-executive Chefs with 50 years+ combined fine dining experience.

Our tasting menus are written from scratch for every occasion by Connor & Frank with the tastes and preferences of the diners arefully considered. They are usually comprised of more then 10 courses, artfully and thoughtfully prepared using Hawaiian and gourmet imported products.

We create whimsical  themes for our menus, and throughout the meal you learn about Hawaii and the seasons, challenges and influences we are in harmony with here.

You will find a wide array of flavors: Poi and caviar, Truffles and Kalbi and all sorts of exotic and exciting ingredients as you dine.

Menus Start @ $100 per person and can be paired with fine wine if desired.

In the Shop or at your home or rental

4-8 People, 6pm, any night. Call for booking information